BioPlanet Doctoral School offers the PhD degree program in biological sciences and in earth and environmental sciences.

The School has been established by four institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences: the Museum and Institute of Zoology PAS (leading member), the Institute of Paleobiology PAS, the Mammal Research Institute PAS, and the Institute of Parasitology PAS.

The institutes contributing to the BioPlanet Doctoral School carry out interdisciplinary research at a junction of biology and earth and environmental sciences at a high international level.

Our well-balanced study programme offers unique opportunities for acquiring knowledge on the combined issues of biology, paleobiology and biogeology. The interdisciplinary profile of the doctoral program and participation of widely renowned scientists provide students a broad area training on natural sciences,fundamental biology and evolutionary processes of the living world.

The BioPlanet Doctoral School offers apossibility of preparing PhD dissertations in biology, zoology, environmental sciences, parasitology, paleobiology, paleontology, geology, biomineralization as well as evolution of invertebrates and vertebrates . The program takes four years to complete and should result in a finalized doctoral dissertation.


Applicants should have the general knowledge on natural or earth sciences and English skills sufficient for a PhD dissertation preparation (confirmed during studies by language competency certificate at least on B2 level). Detailed requirements are to be found in the notice of recruitment.