Framework Program

Training Framework Program at the BioPlanet Doctoral School

1. Within the curriculum at the BioPlanet Doctoral School a doctoral student is obliged to:

1.1. Implement the individual research plan agreed with the student’s supervisor;
1.2. Earn at least 40 ECTS points by participating in the following courses organized by the School and, with the supervisor’s consent, outside the School:
• mandatory courses,
• elective courses,
• doctoral seminar,
• specialization lab with the supervisor,
• professional development courses,
and by doing research, teaching, and popularizing science.

2. Mandatory courses

2.1. Lectures and classes (7 ECTS pts. in total). Doctoral students are required to take the following courses and earn credits for them:
• Evolutionary Biology,
• Ecology,
• Statistical Methods and Experiment Planning,
• Summer School of Ecology.

2.2. Doctoral seminar (8 ECTS pts. in total) is mandatory for all years of study and every year a pass is awarded.
2.3. Specialization lab (16 ECTS pts. in total) includes classes with the supervisor, directed on preparing a dissertation.
2.4. Professional development courses (2 ECTS pts. in total) include a series of mandatory lectures and workshops concerning the rules for preparation of work for scholarly publications and conferences, professional ethics, writing proposals for grants, and the essential aspects of teaching

3. Elective courses

3.1. Lectures, classes, seminars and field courses (7 ECTS pts. in total) are chosen in consultation with the supervisor from those offered by the Institutes jointly forming the Doctoral School, other institutes of PAS, and higher education institutions:
• Evo-devo in Paleontology,
• Molecular methods in Biology,
• Biodiversity: patterns and conservation,
• Selected topics in Mammalian Biology,
• Field course in Geology,
• Principles of Paleobiology.

4. A detailed list of lectures, workshops, labs, practical courses and other classes organized by the Institutes jointly forming the Doctoral School in any given academic year, along with the number of corresponding ETCS points, are available on the web page of the Doctoral School at least one month before the academic year begins.

5. The implementation of the training program by a doctoral student is documented in the grade book.

6. The training schedule in the form of a table makes Annex 1 to this training framework program.