Proposed research topics

Institute of Paleobiology PAs

List of prospective supervisors with their areas of research interest


Institute of Parasitology PAs

Supervisor prof. dr hab. Aleksander Demiaszkiewicz

Parasites and parasitoses in free living ruminants

Supervisor dr hab. Jakub Gawor

Determination of the prevalence of Strongylus vulgaris (Strongylidae) in horses in terms of the risk of thromboembolism

Supervisor prof. dr hab. Mieczysława I. Boguś

Mechanisms that protect insects against entomopathogenic microorganisms


Museum and Institute of Zoology PAs

Supervisor dr hab. Maria Sterzyńska []

Soil microarthropods (Hexapoda: Collembola) of urban forests: assessment of ecological consequences of fragmentation

Supervisor dr hab. Małgorzata Pilot []

Evolutionary consequences of hybridisation between representatives of the genus Canis [grant from National Science Centre (NCN)]

Supervisor dr hab. Roman Gula []

Wolf recovery in Świętokrzyskie region in the context of changes in land use [grant from Save Wildlife Conservation Found]

Supervisor prof. Jörn Theuerkauf [], associate supervisor dr Alfredo Attisano

Comparative ecology of the endemic parrots of New Caledonia

Supervisor dr hab. Roman Gula [], associate supervisor dr Alfredo Attisano

Acoustic communication of endemic bird species of New Caledonia

Supervisor dr Andre E. Moura []

Evolutionary ecology of cetaceans using a multidisciplinary approach [grant from National Science Centre (NCN)]

Supervisor prof. dr hab. K. Wioletta Tomaszewska [], associate supervisor dr Dagmara Żyła []

Phylogenetic relationships and evolution of Paederinae rove beetles (Staphylinidae) based on genomic and morphological data [grant from National Science Centre (NCN)]


Mammal Research institute PAs

Supervisor dr hab. Andrzej Zalewski

Factors affecting spatio-temporal interactions between predators in natural and anthropogenic landscapes

Supervisor dr hab. Michał Żmihorski

The effect of fires, windstorms and bark-beetle outbreaks on biodiversity in the era of climate change.

Research topic of applicant’s choice

We offer the possibility of proposing a research topic of applicant’s choice after it has been agreed upon with a prospective supervisor, who should be contacted directly for further guidance.